Little Bluebird Books


With an ever growing range of books, gifts, toys and educational aids- there is something for everybody.


The gift that continues to give. Literature has the power to move, motivate, inspire, educate, evoke great emotion and even help you understand the world around us. Whether it be for your loved one or for yourself, these bargain prices are our way of expressing that every person deserves a book.

Toys and Educational aids

Whether you are looking to unlock a mini-scientists potential, aiding for educational purposes or just wanting to encourage the magic of play. There is something here of every child.

Gifts and Gift packs

Gift Giving is an art which is extremely rewarding and potentially quite tricky to get right. Little Bluebird is making gift giving easier. We have ready to go made up packages, ready to send out. Alternatively, you are able to create a custom package to suit your loved one. Hit contact and shoot us a message if this is something you would like to create.