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Meet Erin. "To Teach is to touch a life forever - Unknown

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"To Teach is to touch a life forever - Unknown

Firstly, we would just like to share a special thank you to all the dedicated and hard working teachers out there (both male and female) for inspiring and helping to guide little lives into becoming positive members of the community. In celebration of International Women’s day, we want to explore the lives of everyday women doing extraordinary things in their own ways.

Erin Tibbey, a diploma trained Early Childcare Educator has been in the industry for 13 years. She left school after completing her School Certificate in year 10 and has been apart of hundreds of children’s early-life stories. She has helped many youngsters through some extremely happy times and helped them navigate through the sad and even tragic times with love, compassion and with an attentive ear.

We asked Erin about what inspired her to go into a childcare trainee-ship after school. She described it as a positive and fun environment. She is extremely happy that she was able to do her initial studies and on-site training at the preschool she attended as a 4-5 year old.

Times are generally quite happy and enjoyable at the centres she has worked in over the past 13 years, however like any workplace, it comes with its challenges. She describes some of the frustration that herself and other educators have experienced throughout different centres.

“Depending on the type of centre you work in, you might find that the larger companies can sometimes lack in providing the required support to educators. For an example, educational resources and quality staff. This is extremely challenging when you strive to provide the upmost quality of care and early education for the children. “


Erin is a great spokeswoman for embracing a body positive mindset and striving towards her best-self. As a daughter, sister and a positive role model for the little ladies she teaches every day, we were curious as to what message she would want to give to other girls.

I feel that every sister and daughter have their own personal and unique stories and definitions of strength. Personally, always remembering your worth and that it is OK to not always feel "strong". Sometimes strong is simply getting out of bed. This is something I preach to my little sister and I'm sure has been influenced by my Mum.

Something Erin likes embrace with her students is how all of your thoughts and feelings are totally valid and real. Talk it out and know that things can and will always work out. You got this!

To us, she is a superhero without a cape (unless its superhero day at her centre). She is a beacon of inspiration everyday as she helps youngsters become their own unique individual.

Here, at Little Bluebird, we can tell that Erin is putting an incredible amount of magic into the world without even realising it. We would like to thank this talented early-educator for her time in order to share some of her wise words. We can tell Erin’s passion and commitment towards the children is extremely real. One last thing;

If you could have any superpower, what would you choose?

“I would have to choose teleportation. I hear Bora Bora is nice.”

(We personally think you deserve a trip to Bora Bora… can we come too? Just saying.)