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Why Sundays are more important that Mondays

Sarah Cassim


The day before Monday rolls around all over again. Sunday night blues are a real thing. Unless you are in retail, hospitality or work some pretty radical shift work- you will probably find yourself sitting in that quiet dread of Sunday night.

How can we change that? Attitudes towards Sunday could be the key to drastically changing the outcome of your day on Monday. Spending your day with your family, friends and simply alone can make your week start off exceptionally better than if you end your week in a complete an utter Sunday funk.


Family and Friends are so incredibly important for our well-being. Make Sunday the day to make the time to see your family and friends. Life is such a busy thing and if we don't make the time, we don't make the time. Time is fleeting and before you know it, time just might be up. We all have such a limited time on this Earth, it’s best to make the people we love the priority at least once a week.

We are all battling our own life battles. Our own ups and downs - without these, we are not human. The ability to be able to communicate and talk about our life experiences with our family and friends can be one of the greatest therapies. To share the highs and lows of our experiences can lift a weight of the shoulders of the strongest person. We are all in this life together- supporting one another is what friends do.

We are forever under the stresses of everyday life and DAMN, it can get hard. Setting aside an hour to chat with your loved ones can help take your mind off that report that's due on Monday morning or the job that needs to get urgently done or you will have to feel the wrath of a client of colleague. This can be an incredible reprieve from worrying (which is a great break from your over-worked brain).

Family fun days can be a great way to spend time with the kids. They grow so quickly and building memories can be a great way to build those strong connections where they can truly open up to you about all the hurdles they may we facing in their life.

Family and Friends are more important than that report due on Monday

Family and Friends are more important than that report due on Monday

Time for yourself

We have heard it TIME AND TIME AGAIN. Turn on Instagram and every second post is endorsing this view, but,


Get to know yourself. Go for a walk, take up puzzles, colour a page or simply read a book and go on a journey without having to leave your home. Make that cuppa for one and take a time-out. Our minds are constantly worrying about social media - I mean, what’s more interesting than what Carly who went to primary school with you 30 years ago did when she went on her trip to the supermarket? Turn it off. Take a break. Listen to your thoughts for once!

We spend so much time taking in information from external sources, what about what we are really thinking and feeling? We need to know what we are feeling to be able to work through those emotions of whatever is on our minds to truly understand ourselves. Give your self a chance and listen to what is happening in that big beautiful brain of yours.

What happens if I DO work shift work, weekends, in retail or hospitality?

Pick a time through the week. Designate that day/half day/hour off to ensuring that you are able to chat to those around us and take that time to recover from that stressful week of life’s stresses. It will do wonders for your well-being.

Sunday’s are (regardless of when they fall in your working week) the most important day of the week. Adjusting the Sunday blues attitude to gratitude can be life changing. What are you waiting for? GO! Make your Sunday count! Your Monday experience will thank you for it.