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Are you ready to make 2019 your most productive year yet?

Sarah Cassim

Already Mid-Jan…

The cracks of the Christmas Bon-Bons have long faded and most of us have taken down our Christmas decorations for another year. There are many people with Christmas food regrets as they try to fit into their summer clothes and the Christmas ham has gotten slimey. It’s time to let that one go, Uncle Johno.

It’s now the time to focus on 2019 and setting some solid foundations for the year ahead. Sure, we all would like to go on a holiday or get that new car and they are great ambitions to have! Let’s just not forget about the stuff in between. NOW is a great time to evaluate 2018 and establish what worked well and what didn’t. If I have lost you, grab a piece of paper and have a think about these questions:

What is the thing that causes me the most stress through the day/week/year?

Who do I need to be organised for? Is it just me or am I trying to organise an entire family/group of people?

What do you want to achieve in the next 3,6 & 12 months?

What are the steps I have to take to do these?

These questions may seem broad, however, the truth in these answers will help you evaluate where you may need to try something new to help both make life easier and hit those goals you have been working so hard for. We asked a group of mothers what their answers were. You may/may not relate but here are a few ideas we have come up with to help you on your quest towards a bright 2019.

“I HATE dinner times. I spend way to much time and money doing a shop after work EVERY DAY! We don’t save!”

“I get so stressed out with all the notes and birthday invitations that come home with the kids. It gets so overwhelming and my kids are literally always missing something or late. It makes me feel like the worst person in the world!”

“I am so sick of being the token late person”

“I am always behind on paying bills and can’t save.”

“Last year I was continuously juggling work life and family life. Can I get more hours in my day to play with my kids, please!?”

Generally speaking, money and general life were the main focuses when we thought about what was causing the most stress.

The main thing which I took away from the mini-session with our ladies was that amongst us all, the biggest factor was ORGANISATION.

I challenge anyone who struggles with any of the above issues to walk into any department store and purchase these things:


  • A WHITEBOARD/BLACKBOARD (get a couple if you can)

  • A DIARY (You will be able to purchase through us in due time!)

The best way to keep on top of all your schooling/sporting/music-ing/partying children is to have it in your face, every morning. Wake up, check the board. What notes are due? What assignment needs to be done tonight? What presents do you need to purchase for what kid- and who is that kid even? Never heard of him. (Luckily for you, you can just hop onto, get those last minute gifts for anyone and let the presents come to you in time for Saturdays party)

Wire notice boards can be the greatest thing ever and after every term finishes, just clean it off and get it ready for the next term with a clean slate. 5 minutes of prep work for every term and it can really save you and your kids butts from those embarrassing ‘whoops’ moments.

Photo: Sarah Cassim. Freshly cleaned off ready for 2019. I had to use some extra bulldog clips because the board didn’t come with enough. All in all, this piece of metal has been an absolute lifesaver. BOUGHT FROM ALDI

Photo: Sarah Cassim. Freshly cleaned off ready for 2019. I had to use some extra bulldog clips because the board didn’t come with enough. All in all, this piece of metal has been an absolute lifesaver. BOUGHT FROM ALDI

We are so accustomed to using our technology for everything. Even our day to day planning. If you are the type of person who forgets, or is late- try using an old fashioned journal or daily planner. Sometimes when we write things down, it sticks in our memory better. It may take some getting used to but once you are back in the habit of writing things down again, you will notice the difference. The chances of double booking or a booking being deleted off your I-phone for whatever reason will drastically go down and you may find yourself becoming more productive than last year.

Talking about writing things down, lets put those white/blackboards to use. Meal plans. Yep! They work. Let’s put it in perspective. On a Sunday Michelle will do a $200 shop. She is aware of what she is purchasing and ensuring that she buys only enough for the meal plan she prepared for the week as she goes. She is on budget and does not need to purchase any other items through the week. Now, meet Taylor. Taylor did a $150 shop on Sunday. She bought SOME stuff, but not thinking about what she was going to cook, she got things she doesn’t really NEED. Every afternoon after work she struggles with the thought of what she needs to cook for dinner for herself and her family. She probably has a mild argument with her partner about it and continues onto the grocery store. Every afternoon. Spending on average $60 a night just getting those bits and pieces. All up, Taylor’s total is about $510.


They work. Trust me. Save money and take the stress out of your week. Give it a whirl!



Mum: Dentist 10am

Dad: Cricket 7pm

Johnny - Music 3pm

Daphne - Dancing 4pm


Mum: Meeting 9.30am, Teacher interview 3.30pm

Dad: working late

Johnny - Sports day, Football practice 4pm

Daphne - Free!


This is beneficial to do weekly. Mapping out where people need to be throughout the week can assist in your ability to stay on track with what NEEDS to happen that day and what to expect for the day. There is a lot of pressure throughout the 10 weeks of school term and sometimes there might be time where you didn’t actually realise there WAS time. By limiting the procrastination between activities or throughout the day, this is your chance to make the most of every hour of your day. You may not need extra hours, but work out how to use the time you do have to its full potential.

Finding free spots in your week can feel like finding a pot of luck! Use that time wisely.

Finding free spots in your week can feel like finding a pot of luck! Use that time wisely.

We work so hard, don’t forget to schedule in your new diary: FAMILY TIME. A couple of hours which don’t belong to anyone else, other than the ones you love most. If this is hard to come by, you MUST set the time aside to spend with them. Not only for your own well being, but theirs as well.

All in all, 2019 is going to be a fabulous year for so many of our beautiful customers and we are so looking forward to sharing the journey with you all. So, we raise our glasses to you all. CHEERS! To the greatest year possible!